By appointment in a medical office
TCM consultation and acupuncture: 1-hour session
Allow an additional 15 minutes for the initial visit to go through background health information.
Tui Na invigorating massage: 90 minute session
Tui Na + Acupuncture: 2-hour session


Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat

Acupuncture and/or Tui Na

Metro station: Mairie de Montreuil (line 9)

The structures and functions of the human being constitute an inseparable and interactive whole; it is, itself, an element of the universe from which it can not be divided.

Traditional Chinese medecine is a repertory of techniques and protocols aiming to bring the organism back from a state of imbalance to its natural homeostasis. No vital phenomenon can be analysed outside of its organic and universal context; the objective is to allow the organism to heal itself, which it is naturally capable of.

Regular treatments along with taking measures to adopt a healthier way of life, such as a better diet and exercise, help maintain the balance the body needs in order to stay healthy. The prolongation of a pathological state will eventually take form in physical manifestations.

Among chronic internal illnesses, 80% are caused by emotions. According to the vision of the five elements, each emotion is linked to one of the organs which may suffer a manifested alteration, hindering its correct functioning. Multiple organs can be affected if the emotion is not processed, allowing the illnesses to take hold. For this reason, it is imperative not only to reestablish the body's homeostasis with regular treatments, but also to identify the causes of the imbalance in one's daily life and work to resolve them.

Making use of various techniques, a treatment strategy is conceived according to the individual and the identified pathology. Strategies may vary to treat the same pathology, just as the same strategy may be employed in order to treat different illnesses. Each person is unique and brings their own particular set of needs. A strategy to be applied can be determined after having conducted an initial consultation and deducing a preliminary prognosis. Based primarily on acupuncture, and sometimes including Tui Na (traditional chinese massage), a treatment is administered aiming to restore the balance of the body and mind. Then, suggested changes to daily life might include:

  • - reestablishing a balanced diet
  • - applying the proper forms of phytotherapy
  • - performing daily therapeutic exercises
  • - respecting sleeping rhythms and eliminating over-exertion

During seasonal changes the body is under additional stress trying to adapt and can be in need of assistance. To get through these transitions with ease, an acupuncture treatment and a season-specific product made of essential oils are ideal.

Traditional Chinese medicine, in France, is not to be confused with western allopathic medicine. It does not replace medical or paramedical treatments and is not a substitute for a diagnosis from a doctor or paramedical professional, who alone can prescribe medical or paramedical treatments. It is however compatible and complimentary, allowing patients to find well-being through a balance of mind and body.


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