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portrait yuri maezumi
Yuri Maezumi

As an American expat living in Paris since 2005, I have been practicing in the Ba Men Da Xuan school since 2009. This ancient tradition of clan Daoism, transmitted from master to disciple since its foundation in 510 a.d. in Kunlun, is taught today by its only successor, Serge Augier.

Having become an instructor in 2015, I teach the Art of the Mountain, which among the five Daoist arts, is dedicated to personal development. This practice allows for continual self-improvement in order to attain the best of one's potential, combining the training of the three Daoist treasures: the body, breath and mind.

From 2010-2016 I studied and completed the Ba Men TCM program and received a B.Sc. in TCM and acupuncture from WUCM.

Currently an instructor of traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture for the Paris branch of WUCM, and in preparation of my thesis for completing the M.Sc. program in Daoist Medicine. In addition to the clinical practice of traditional Chinese and Daoist medicine, I study the science of destiny (Ba Zi), and the knowledge of world changes (Yi Jing) in the Da Xuan school.

More about Serge Augier and the international Ba Men Da Xuan school:

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